About Us


Vetnaet professional service the undisputed and trusted veterinarian service has consistently lead the pack and excel in providing lasting solutions for homes with pets. We have treated and helped homes to care for more than 8 millions pets these past 30 years that we have been in this broad industry that is filled with too many competitions, armatures pet trainers springing up here and there and some outright scams.

Vetnaet has been extremely helpful in no small way in bringing orderliness credibility, sanity and trust in the industry, that it has called the “Veterinarian Presidential House” by our satisfied and grateful clients. This is some big achievement, considering the recourses available to use and the competition we faced at that time. Being a one man owned business, Vetnaet starting from almost next to nothing in terms of money. A sound education, burning desire, and raw talents was all that was available and have been judiciously used and with time worked our way up to the very top of the industry. Now, we have millions of our happily committed clients, who believed in us and our experience, knowledge, hard work, high work ethics and dedication of our team of talented and innovative team. Our team’s expertise is unparallel and proven to be the very best there is in this industry. The team at is made up of specially handpicked disciplined individuals whose first pre-requisite for consideration is a proven inherited high IQ level, verified high educational performance and a register Veterinarian practicing license.

We are always researching and introducing innovative ways to improve our method and service efficiency.

Having grown into a big brand, our service is no longer confined to a specific border. We have labs and pet clinics in many countries across 5 continents.

At our firm, we are unreservedly committed to our client’s happiness and well-being. We treat your pets as though it’s your next of kin, and sees you as if you are our only client. The only one who matters to us. Which is all true, you alone matters to us. The treatment we gives and the overall service provided you with shall testify and speak volumes on this.

We always go out of our way to ensure you, and your pet is accorded the attention and respect you deserve.

We acknowledge the fact that we serve a diverse and complex client base and different breed of pets; consequently we cannot have a blanket one-way strategy of treating or handling all of them. One thing is sure, though, no matter the breed and temperament of your pet, we guarantee you the best care you get.