Seriöse Gewinnspiele or serious games in online training are usually normal online games with a twist. The twist is that they are designed for the singular purpose of mastering a process or developing a skill, read more about Seriöse Gewinnspiele at The following are 5 tips that could assist you to incorporate them into your online training scheme.

Keep it goal-centric and short

The most efficient serious games in online training are usually done in a matter of minutes. This assists in avoiding cognitive overload and ensures that the learner is completely engaged in the process of learning. If you try to add more than enough information or divert from the main goals your online game could possibly lose a lot of its educational value.

Make information application a top priority

The main goal of serious games as far as online training is concerned is to inspire corporate learners to use what they have learned. Therefore, your online game should be based on their skill sets as well as their present knowledge base. This prompts them to take their understanding to another level and store the information in their long-term memory for future use.


Create a plot that’s complicated

No serious game as far as online training is concerned is complete without an enticing story that pulls corporate learners in and assists them to make a connection. The reason why it’s important to create a strong plot in the first instance, including the conflict, characters, and possible resolutions.


Make it competitive

Serious games as far as online training is concerned may vary from online video games, however, they have one vital thing in common: competition. Human beings are normally competitive by nature. We like to outwit each other, and serious games in online training inspire that source of motivation. Leaderboards are an awesome way to benefit from our competitive streak.



Use serious games to evaluate and gather feedback

Seriöse Gewinnspiele in online training offer you the opportunity collect invaluable feedback and evaluate learner advancement. Corporate learners’ scores improve as they broaden their knowledge base and improve their understanding also.