In the smartphone community and forums, the iPhone is generally regarded as a great smartphone, but one issue this great device faces is the battery life – most recently, there have been reports of faulty batteries used for specific models of the iPhone 6s. The questions now most definitely will be “What can you do if you have got a faulty iPhone battery?”, “what happens if your iPhone is not included in the replacement program provided by Apple” This article is centered on enlightening you on the various means you can repair iPhone battery.

Among the most recent generations of Apple’s iPhone, the iPhone 6s is renowned for being notorious in having less than the satisfactory battery life, most especially those that were purchased between the period of September and October 2015. The affected users make their dissatisfaction on the battery life known to the manufacturers and they faced issues where the phone shuts off when the battery is around 30 percent of juice left. The iPhone without no doubtat all comes back on when plugged into a charger, but this is not ideal for the users without handy chargers.

How to fix defective iPhone 6s battery

For the fact that it is among one of the affected units, you will most definitely want to get it fixed. If you can successfully prove that your iPhone 6s is among the affected units released into the market by checking the serial number, without no doubt you will be getting a free replacement at an Apple Store. This question now becomes, “how can you check whether your iPhone 6s is among the affected lot” At this point, it is very simple to get that done.

You can find out if your iPhone is eligible for the recall by visiting the website dedicated to the replacement program, and also by using the serial number checking tool. Navigate to Settings > General > About on your iPhone device. The serial number is the 11th entry on the list. On finding the serial number, type into the field on the website, hit submit to find out if your iPhone is perchance eligible.