If you are a dressmaker who intends to expand your customer base, then you should consider owning a serger. A serger is a machine that gives the outcome of a neat and finished edge from bits of cloth. You can call it an overlook machine too. Selecting the best Serger on the market is definitely challenging as the different alternatives might leave you indecisive.

While purchasing a serger, it’s advisable that you examine the types of stitches to help you determine what befits your sort of sewing. Below, you will find various kinds of serger stitches including areas that require its usage.

3-Thread Overlock
These are vital serger stitches created with just a needle and two loopers. The 3-Thread overlock is frequently used in cleaning up joint openings which is done with the help of a straight hem. Two materials cannot be joined together by a 3 Thread overlook as it wasn’t meant for such purpose.

4 Thread
This has a resemblance of 3-Thread overlook stitch only that it consists of double looper threads rather than one. Unlike 3-Thread it is suitable for needle crafting two delicate materials jointly.

Rolled Hems
This kind creates tiny edging which is used on transparent and flimsy materials.

Its bottom creates a design which resembles a ladder and this is achieved by using two bobbins which prohibit the stitches from alternating. It is applied frequently in the Finishing of hem of Pants and skirts

This is a kind of stitch applied for the purpose of outlining and joining Two bits of fabric. The look of this stitch consists of components like Thread count and longitude of the stitch. Overlook serves a purpose of closing the joining of dresses Produced with lycra, spandex or jersey.