Whenever you are on the lookout for the best AV receiver 2017 in the market, there are numerous factors to look at. The home entertainment desires of everyone are different, and it is essential to outline the features you are in search of before making a purchase. Failure to do this could lead you to possibly finding yourself without an option you were sure you had or paying for what you really don’t need!

It’s essential to take into account the number of video and audio sources (including mobile devices) you would like to use, whether or not you will use a lot of zones, the size of your room, and what Internet features you want.


What are the benefits of having possession of an AV Receiver?

Any music or film buff is aware of the gap that exists between the experience of movie theater quality audio or good live sound and home audio. The possession of an awesome home theater system assists in closing that gap, and a great AV receiver will be the key to any of such setup. Standalone AV receivers have immense advantages over the remaining home audio solutions such as HTIB (home theater in a box) or soundbars as a result of their compatibility and versatility.

While soundbars are relatively cheap, and easily installed and operated, they are only a small improvement on the not too exceptional TV speakers, and they won’t be able to produce an undiluted surround sound feeling. HTIB systems are capable of offering true surround sound but they suffer from another evident limitation: their different components will work effectively and efficiently with each other only.

In case one component fails and can’t be repaired, the complete system has to go to the junk heap meaning the customer begins from scratch.

Improving a single component is either impossible or prohibitively hard due to the fact that the connections on every piece are branded. The best AV receiver 2017 suffers no such drawbacks, as they are built to work with most of the speakers on the market.