Snapchat is one of the most renowned messaging service available on the internet in recent times. Statistics have it that June 2016 over 150 million actives users communicate with one another on the Snapchat platform. Some of its users utilize the application for it basic purpose, which is sending images that will be deleted after some time. On the other hand, we have the users that are drawn to the platform because of its more recent updated features. Among the newly updated features, include Snapcash. This is a method newly introduced to users to send mobile payment to their friends and family. Owing to the popularity of Snapchat, no one is surprised why many online fraudsters are exploiting personal accounts by utilizing a snapchat hack that actually works. A god percentage of them came along limited success.

For clarity, it is right to say that a security breach on the scale of what happened to Tumblr, Yahoo, and LinkedIn is about hitting this popular messaging application.

This does not imply that these criminals are not trying several means to get into people’s account. Hackers without any doubt have snapchat in view; this makes it very important for the users to be well aware on how to spot the red flags of a hack on their account and how they can retrieve their accounts from the hand of someone that compromised it.

Looking for a Warning Sign

When it comes down to discovering a hack on their personal accounts, Snapchat users can and should look out for these three warning signs:

  1. Unusual activity. This is the event where the users find their account not looking exactly the way they left it, having display name and settings modified. So also, there is the chance they will see friends on their page that are not familiar.
  2. High rate of re-authentication. It is not a necessity for a user to log into their account regularly when they want to access the messaging platform. This happens when someone somewhere is accessing their account using another device.
  3. Revealing Correspondence from snapchat. Snapchat just like other web service have in place some measures designed to protect its user’s account. This is one of the reasons why emails and texts are sent when there is a modification done to accounts.