Do you constantly need ice for your business activities? Have you taken into consideration the option of either buying the Whynter ice maker instead of bagged ice?

Having your personal ice machine can serve as the best alternative which can meet your business needs and specifications, whether you like hosting people or you take it as a business, and you deal with the production of ice cold drinks for your clients or profession like construction and service companies where they value the health of their workers and hydration is essential.

The Whynter Ice Maker can be classified as one of the best ice producing machine available in the market. A unique feature of this machine is that it is designed with the latest technologies and certified innovations. This machine can produce 12 pounds of ice in 24hours and have a storage capacity of 6 pounds of ice.The Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Ice Maker is designed with a classy stainless steel door making it suitable for bar and kitchen use.

The machine is designed to fit under the counter, and it weighs 60 pounds which also come with a silky dimension of 18×15×25 inches.

Below are the advantages of using a commercial ice machine for your business:

  • Serviceability – All ice are designed to produce a consistent supply of ice without any interruption.
  • The by-product can be reused- Unused ice may be packaged and stored for peak periods or given to your workers for entertainment purposes.
  • Less Costly – If you should compare the total amount of money that you will spend in purchasing an ice machine to that of a bagged ice,you will see that it is better to buy the ice machine because it is economical and less costly.
  • Long-term Asset – If you eventually buy the ice machine, then you have a tangible asset at your disposal, which value can decrease with time.

The Whynter Ice Maker is specially designed for the production of crescent dry ice.This machine is easy to operate and works at a faster rate when compared to the other brands.